Sunday, March 20, 2011

Days of yore,

Besides all the other too many things I have going on, I recently started to scan my huge slide collection. It's a slow process, not because of the scanning, but more so the editing. Remember the days where you shot a roll of film, had to wait a few days for it to be processed and then the excitement of opening that envelope while walking out of the store - and then realizing that you shot three rolls of film and you had the camera speed set wrong, or the f-stop or something else. The cool thing about scanning the slides is that with a basic editing program, shots that were crap thirty years ago, now can be made to look pretty decent. As I work my way through the pile I'll occasionally throw some shots up from my collection. This post is a fallen flags special. From the upper peninsula of Michigan to the Lehigh Valley to the woods of main. Those big ass Alco C628s are probably one of my all time favorite locos.

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