Monday, January 3, 2011


Not much to show for the time I spent modeling tonight.  It took me the entire duration of the PBS American Experience R.E. Lee biography to build the two supports for the outer boom.   The supports were built using .060x.080 strip as the basis with various scrap strip making up the fittings.  I had to fabricate an intermediate coupling so the two pieces of each support bar could pivot, as well as the coupling connecting the support to the boom.  I used brass wire to pin most of the parts so that the outer boom would actually move.  You can see the pillow block supports on the top of the tower for the to be installed sheaves that will carry the cables to raise and lower the boom.  I probably shouldn't have bothered making the boom operational as the cables will have to either be permanently glued to the sheaves or else I'll have to reset them every time it was raised.  

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