Sunday, December 5, 2010


In the midst of 20 other projects I have been making slow progress with the R&H Plant.  The main processing building is built and partially painted.   If I haven't mentioned it before, for the brickwork I always use a wash of a sandy colored paint.  Taking care to put on the wash while the wall surface is flat and stays so until dry.  I use a pretty thin mix - my philosophy on that is that I want to see just a hint of the mortar lines, after all in full scale they are only about 1/2" so in HO they are practically invisible.  I take issue with a lot of these models you see with heavy mortar washes and a film everywhere.  With the prototype this would only happen if someone was laying brick for the first time, and even then, the boss would have made them clean the excess mortar off with an acid wash.  Professional bricklayers rarely get so much as a smudge of mortar on the good face of the brick.    The architecture of this building is interesting in that it almost looks like a church - abet a church that made sodium cyanide and formaldehyde.   Also in the photo you can see a CNJ RS5 sitting on the unfinished high line to the coal dock, and the double track main just to the left of the building.

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