Sunday, December 26, 2010

HQ - Part 1

It seems I always end up a johnny-come-lately when it comes to model railroad stuff - by the time I actually get around to deciding to buy something, half the time the structure or other kit is out of production.   So I look for it at train shows and on Ebay, usually finding it for many times the initial price.   One such item(s) were the Bachmann large city buildings.   I never bought any while they were out initially, and as of just three months ago or so had heard that the Hotel model was fetching $600 on Ebay.  Thankfully Bachmann reissued these kits in early November.  They are perfect for modeling a large city center, which I am no longer doing, however, I had been thinking of modeling a Headquarters Building for Raritan Steel.  Inspiration was the large HQ building overlooking the Bethlehem Steel Plant.   The Metropolitan Building, and art-deco office building fit the bill pretty good.  There are some minor issues with solid lower level side walls as I believe this structure was intended to be placed mid-street, but otherwise the size is I think perfect.   The original location I'd though of placing the building would have meant a little bump out into an isle - not the greatest thing since isle space is already tight.  I came up with an alternative location that will require putting one leg of the wye on the Iron branch into a short tunnel, but overall it will fit well.  The location places the structure right in the heart of the mill, but between two distinctive sections - the iron making blast furnaces of the lower works, and the open hearth plant of the upper works.   Each part of the mill will be accessible via enclosed walkways and the structures placement will help smooth the dramatic vertical transition between the upper and lower mills. 
The basic construction of the building is actually pretty easy - four sides and a roof and base.  Installing all the windows and doors will take much, much longer.   Besides the already mentioned walkways I plan on adding some lighting, window treatments, and some sort of large lit sign.   

Oh, bye the way, if you are looking for these kits, try Peachcreek Shops - see link in sidebar.  They are selling them for about 1/2 off the manufacturer's list price.  While you are at it, I think they have the new RS-3s too.

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