Friday, November 5, 2010

Timonium Finds

Besides our Free-mo activities at the Timonium train show, I also had some serious time to look around.  In the past I've usually not had nearly as much time to look at what everyone was selling. I usually try to focus on finding things that I won't be able to get elsewhere.  A couple things worth mentioning for the steel mill modeler - 
1. Fermentation Tank Detail Kit - Not the tanks themselves but the detail kit that is sold separately for $15 or so has a great industrial stair tower, actually two in the bag, along with some walkways, piping, ...etc.  If you've ever tried to build a stair tower from scratch,  it isn't easy - and you spend some money on plastruct stair parts.   I already put an order in at the local hobby shop for a half dozen of these.  In the immediate future I will be using these stair towers on my precipitators, probably my gas washer complex, and if I can fit one, B-Furnace.
2.  Steel Giants - awesome book, a must for every steel mill modeler.  This large hardcover book is full of photos of USS Gary during the 1900s, including construction photos.  Great photos.

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