Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In the ever continuing Free-Mo saga, we found ourselves at the Timonium train show this past weekend participating in the second Free-Mo module set up of the Capital Area Free-Mo Group.  We had about six modules, most in the unfinished or semi-finished stage, but that is double what we had a month or so ago.  Despite having to drive down very early saturday, set up - and then drive back to NJ for a wedding, and then back down on sunday for the day, we still had a blast.  Jimmy, as usual, spent most of the time we were there switching the modules - this time, in addition to our pipe foundry, he had the Boston Street Terminal module to switch too, plus a few more feet of mainline than he did last time.  All in all the event was a lot of fun, and more importantly, inspiring and motivating - we'd like to bring a few more modules next show (February) in addition to finishing the module we already have.  

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