Friday, October 1, 2010

BessEMER PLANT - Part 5

Not much to report.  I've been spending a lot of my spare time planing my upcoming Pittsburgh trip and also planing a second Free-Mo module for the upcoming show at the end of October.  The second Free-Mo module is actually going to be two parts - a 2x8 main section and then ad 3x6 peninsula off that.   We are going to model a modern portland cement plant on this module.  Hopefully, we will also do some updating to the Pipe Foundry Module.    My goal with the new Free-Mo modules are to get them built and with trackwork so we can run trains.  Anything else, like scenery and structures will be a plus.    I'll warn you now, most of the October modeling will be related to the portland cement industry and not the steel, but the techniques are the same so it should hopefully be equally entertaining.    Don't worry though, as work never stops on the steel mill layout - I recently purchased a half dozen switches and 10 pieces of track or so, all of which as been installed on the "upper works" portion of the layout.   While cutting out the module parts I will also cut out some benchwork for the only remaining yard section of the layout.    The narrow gauge bridge is complete and awaits painting.  Once I get this painted I can permanently install and then hopefully get some narrow gauge trains running.   
Related to the Bessemer Plant,  I made a quick mold of the bottom of the converters from the CMP kit.  The reason for this is the bottoms of the converters wore out quickly and were designed to be quickly changed out for re-built ones.  There is usually a whole building or two with furnaces,...etc.  devoted to rebuilding these bottoms - I won't have the room to model this, but I figure it would be good to have a new bottom or two on the ready, along with maybe a burned out one.   It's not as simple as just making a copy of the bottom as the CMP bottom was not designed to be viewed from the inside.  I will need to machine out much of the resin and create a new interior.  

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