Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I got back to working on this complex as it is looking like one of the few things I could actually complete for the Steel Mill Modeler's Meet that is about a week away - can't wait.    Basically, this structure has been sitting for awhile because we had hit another complex piping spot - piping in all the intakes - 4 main 3/4" intake pipes with 8 secondary 1/2" connecting elbows (segmented of course.)   I also had to assemble another four, my last, of the Alkem Goggle Valve Kits.   I built the goggle valves on this side of the precipitators basically the same way and in the same sequence, however, I compressed the whole assembly a little and used a single sleeve/filler.  This single sleeve allowed me some wiggle room in positioning the intake pipes.  Glues used - white and ACC for valve assemblies,  ACC for connecting valves to piping, and Plastruct and Testors tube glue for piping.   The 1/2" elbows at the bottom of the pipes took some trial and error - the segments needed to be exactly the right size for everything to fit well - I have a pile of four oversized elbows.    I still have  a lot of railing, platform, and stair work - but it's mostly just that with a few details and painting.

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