Sunday, July 4, 2010


Building roof trusses from angle and sheet styrene webbing is boring and time consuming, but I try to press on.   Equally boring was fabricating the support beam for the crane.  This is probably something I could have kitbashed, however, once again it boils down to a cost thing.  I would probably have to use two $20 bridge kits to do the same thing.  To me that seems like a waste.   The beam is built from .060 styrene sheet and then .030 x .125 edging.  I used .030x.060 strips to form the segments.  A .030x.060 makes for a good runner for the crane. 

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jamie said...

Going through this much trouble, might as well make the running track so a crane can actually operate, im going to try and do that with the open hearth im building. I like to use micro-engineering trestle kits for the craneways.