Monday, July 5, 2010


As promised, an update on A-Furnace.  A few pictures will show my progress on the upper works of A-Furnace.  I am still not done filling and sanding the transitions in the uptakes and the grey primer was done to make imperfections more visible.  Things weren't as bad as I thought so I went ahead with the structural framing an started working on the top and the bell housing.    Some items to note:

  • The two crane tracks - the lower is the heavier and was presumably used to remove the bell assemblies from the top works.  The upper single rail crane was probably used to work on the bell arms and linkage.  
  • The top housing - this was turned out of a block of mahogany and supplemented with a few styrene details.
  • The charge hopper - directs the charges from the skip hoist into the top of the furnace.
There is still about three times as many pieces still to add to the top works before it is finished.   It was easy leaving it separate from the rest of the blast furnace to make assembly on the bench easier.

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