Sunday, June 6, 2010


I took the detail to the level I felt necessary on the major parts for the gas producer.  At that point I built various mold boxes and poured some RTV rubber.  Of course I am practically out of rubber and I still have a few two part molds to finish.  These parts will enable me to build identical producers fairly fast.  The only parts that I haven't worked on yet are the drive train - This is a bit tricky as it consists of a dozen or so gears on multiple shafts.  I can either cast each gear and drive shaft, or to build some sort of housing that would enclose the gears - this is semi-prototypical.   I also will probably build the feed hopper bottom (the angular part) and cast it.  


Bernie said...

Nice work. What type of rubber are you using for the molds?

Jos said...

Looks great, Truly impressive, especially the speedy progress of the whole work.
Could you reference the mold's rubber?
Many thanks and kind regards

Jim Musser said...

Right now I am using the rubber and resin from Micro-Mark . It's easy for me to get and I have been very happy with how the rubber has performed - very few air bubbles. The resin is another story and I almost never can get a perfect cast - usually it just involves a little filling which is no big deal but it shouldn't be necessary. A friend suggested pressure so I need to make a vessel that I can pressurize.

Brian said...

Jim, it's nice work you are doing for sure! Just a suggestion on the rubber.....Smooth On makes and packages the rubber for Micro Mark, so look into their products if you'd like. You can get the same stuff WAY cheaper through Smooth On.