Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Even though this topic is closely related to the open hearths, I'll be spending a significant amount of time building the actual gas producers so I'll keep things separate for now.   I intend to have the interior details visible in  at least one of the three gas producer buildings, if not all.   To refresh your memories -  the gas producers are in groups of six, with one grouping supplying gas to two open hearth furnaces.  Thus, with my six modeled open hearth furnaces I will have three gas producer houses with six producers in each for a total of 18.   Give these multiples I plan on spending some time building the parts for a single producer, making molds of them, and then casting multiples as needed.   The photo shows the early work to this end -  I have turned the main vessel of the producers and the ash pan from wood blanks.  I have also started fabricating the lower ring gear/drive ring from some thinly sliced PVC pipes, a .030 styrene web with .060 square struts, and a the gearing made from sheet siding material.   I am using plans from an online book I downloaded free from Google - The Open Hearth, Its Relation to the Steel Industry  Its Design and Operation.   It was published by the Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Company in 1920.    The plans are easily printed in HO Scale by manipulating the scale on your print program.   They have a whole chapter on Gas Producers.   

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