Monday, May 31, 2010

Narrow Gauge - Part 12

I was able to spend some time this weekend in continued work on the benchwork for the "steelmaking" portion of my layout.  By steelmaking, I mean the massive open hearth complex that is at the core of the steel production (from molten pig iron) .   The bulk of the steel produced by my mill comes from the open hearths with the remainder from the Bessemer plant (for the pipe mill) and the electric melt shop (speciality steel).   Being a layout/build as you go sort, I only had a very vague plan for this area, although I do set goals of sorts.  One of these goals being substantial narrow gauge trackage to move the scrap buckets, the ingots, and a few other things.   I had wanted to use some of the dual gauge trackage that is now available from Peachcreek Shops (and I still might use a little) but the spatial arrangements of the area I had to work with forces me to put half the narrow gauge on one side of the main line and half on the opposite.  Although dual gauge trackage is not uncommon WITHIN the mill, the main is technically outside the mill, and a little narrow gauge line sharing or crossing a double main with a working passing track might look a bit funny.   Thus, the narrow gauge line had to go over or under the main - I choose over.   The photos show the early construction of a bridge that will cross the main and the industrial leads.  I am building it of balsa wood and Atlas bridge plate sections.  

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