Friday, May 14, 2010

Narrow Gauge - Part 11

I just received backordered Peco HOne switches and track.  HOne is HOn30.  Of course since originally ordering this stuff, Peachcreek shops has started selling similar track, plus dual gauge flex and accessories.  I will say the Peco track is nice.  It is well constructed and sturdy as opposed to some older Shinohara HOn30 track and switches that I still have, although that aren't in very good shape.  
In the basement I've finally started moving things around and have begun construction on the final section of the layout.  This extension of the existing dual track loop will include a primary sorting yard, engine facilities, interchange tracks, staging yards, a primary rolling mill (billet), and the open hearth steelmaking complex.  It's also opened up a some space at the edge of the existing layout to fit a small bessemer complex.   The initial work is in the open hearth steelmaking area - more on this in a coming soon post.

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