Monday, April 19, 2010


Worked a bit more on the final cooler/benzol coolers tonight.  Primarily, I am adding the piping to the structure.   I want to get as much as this big stuff on as possible before working on railings and supports,...etc.    I started by messing around with the injector piping for the final cooler.  It started with a good idea - curving 3/32" tube into an oval/circle and drilling for .50 brass rod ejectors every inch or so.  Unfortunately, the drilling gave the styrene tubing weak points that snapped when the tube was curled around the tower.  I gave up on this after about three tries and instead of drilling the holes I used styrene tubing to make a connector to the main pipe.  I also fabricated the two tees out of larger tubing.  Eventually the pipe that goes on to the top of the tower needs to be connected to a manifold at that location.   I hesitate to call these pipes water injectors as I am unsure as to whether water was used, or a cooled ammonia liquor.  
I went on to fitting some of the primary gas piping for the coolers.  Most of this piping is 3/8" Evergreen styrene.  Evergreen makes this tubing in long length packages that are economical and handy for bigger runs.  I use 7/16" tubing to cut various sized rings to use as sleeves and to represent a flange.  The Plastruct rings made for the same purpose are much too large.   As you can see from the photo, the gas piping burned through my supply of cast gate valves pretty fast - six so far, with three more needed.  I also need to add the sheaves and control chains to these valves throughout.  I'll have to get casting.  

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