Sunday, April 18, 2010


I started adding some detail to the final cooler/benzol towers.   I started building the stairway from the top down.  Even using the pre made Plastruct stairs and railings you need to pay a lot of attention to spacing and straightness otherwise the stairs will end up looking sloppy.   I also added the platforms and a walkway to the final cooler.  This walkway was for accessing some sort of injectors (water?) and was removed at some point, but I am using it.    I am also still busy casting valves, narrow gauge car bodies, and now, plumbing fittings.   I made a new mold for 3/8" diameter elbows and tees, with flanges.  First castings were a little foamy looking and of course there were a few air bubbles on the large flanges.  Trying again overnight - see tomorrow what we get.  

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