Monday, February 22, 2010


Tonight I started installing the gas piping on the precipitators.  Since there are two precipitators and each one has two inputs for dirty gas and two outputs for clean gas, there are four basic piping arrangements involved, so I will build them two at a time, for consistency.  I choose the easiest arrangement to begin with - it is the clean gas off take that runs perpendicular to the clean gas manifold, turning into the top of the precipitator.  Despite this straight run, there are a number of pieces and compound angles involved.   I assemble the curves first, from small pieces of 3/4" tubing cut on opposing 11 degree angles.  I then held them loosely in place and measured for the horizontal return to the manifold, and cut it.  Then, holding this assembly level, I guesstimated what was needed for the return piece from the curve to the top of the precipitator.  This piece will need some sanding to get it to fit just right.  I then assembled the Alkem Scale Models goggle valve kit onto the end of the horizontal pipe .  The whole assembly was then glued in place.   Next - the remaining two discharge pipes. 


Bernie said...

That's awesome work. It looks like you added some additional detail to the goggle valve kits. Can you describe what you did?

Jim Musser said...

I built the valves pretty much per the instructions - added a .030x.100 shims around the interior for mounting on Plastruct 3/4" tubing. Also, I think I made the spacing of the inner ring a bit closer.