Sunday, February 21, 2010

Narrow Gauge - Part 7

Some news on the continuing quest for narrow gauge locomotives and equipment for the as yet built steel making section of the layout.   The Grandt Line 25 tonner that I built earlier in this blog looks great, but is technically challenging to build and runs, well runs like sh*t, even filled to the gills with lead.   On top of all that I had to carefully re-gauge the Grandt Line wheelsets from HOn3 to HOn30.  There are a number of real good inexpensive N-scale mechanisms out there - the Bachmann MDT is $20 and runs smooth (its a six wheeler) - moving up to two trucks, their 44 Tonner is a real good runner.   I could probably get the Grandt Line body to fit on the MDT power unit, but I don't really feel like paying $50 for a body that I have to assemble.   Funaro and Camerlengo make a few different inexpensive narrow gauge switcher bodies in HO - they are are designed to be used as freight car loads and haven't really been designed to be motorized.   My first attempt to use the Plymouth Body with the MDT didn't work out as the hood was too narrow for the mechanism.  This weekend I came across a new issue from them - a Cat Diesel Switcher.  I was able to get the MDT to fit this shell, although I had to cut down the hood and also grind a little bit away of the inside corners - I will build a step or a tool box to cover this.  I've also discovered that I will be able to use the Plymouth body with the Bachmann 44 tonner mechanism - but Ill need another body kit to modify it into a two hooder.  

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