Saturday, February 6, 2010


I added some water piping to the front of the primary coolers.  I'm not sure these pipes are discharge or intake lines, but they are prototypically correct according to the photo that I am working off.   I suspect they might be the discharge lines with some sort of trap or level arrangement evident.   The smaller pipes are 1/8"  tubes and the larger, 5/32".  I made the tees and flanges on the larger sized piping, but with the 1/8" tubes, I used cast flanges, tees, and elbows, from Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains, or BEST.     Originally I had planned on using some Walther's products - the piping detail kit for the refinery - however, the detail of the flanges wasn't very well done, and the tees were oversized.    Unfortunately, I ran out of the BEST flanges so I was unable to complete the piping details.  I will have to order some more.  


Brian said...

Jim, I love the work you are doing. I'm really into this kind of model work, my dad was an industrial model builder for a mining/smelting company for 20 some odd years until they closed their model shop. I grew up with this stuff, and I sure learned to love it. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.


Jim Musser said...

Thanks Brian, sounds like an awesome job your dad had - wish I did something like that for a living.