Monday, January 25, 2010


I installed the two steam powered thermal expansion goggle valves to the gas washer structure.   I started to build the segmented elbows and bends from 1" Plastruct tubing.   This task is actually one of the more difficult things to accomplish - even with the plastics blade in the miter saw there is some chipping, maybe due to cold weather, but I'm starting to think that a better method might be a jig in a small bandsaw with a fine tooth blade.  I've been thinking about buying a small bandsaw to put in the basement on my modeling workbench.    The other technical problem is fitting the piping together properly - the one pipe needs to exit the structure and hit the precipitator complex at the exact same height.  On the other end, the pipe exits and does a few twists and turns and needs to hit the dust catcher at just the right height.  There is a piece in the dust catcher connection that I can adjust to get the height just right, but I have to work from the catcher and the venturi scrubber simultaneously to get it perfect.

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