Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A recent discussion topic on the yahoo steel mill site concerned goggle valves.  It got me thinking about the many that I need to build as part of the gas cleaning system for A-Furnace (not to mention an undetermined amount for B-Furnace).    Basically, most of the goggle valves for the precipitators are the small electric or manually operated type.  However, there are two larger steam actuated valves on the waste gas piping, before and after the gas washer.    I built these using 1" Plastruct tubing and a variety of styrene disks in different diameters and thicknesses.  They are mostly complete except for the gas piping and control pipes.  I modeled both valves in the open position as they would be with the furnace operating.  


Anonymous said...

How do you cut the Styrene circles Jim?

Great progress as always!

Rob W

Yahoo steel group

Jim Musser said...

I use a circle cutter that I think is made by x-acto - sort of a compass with a razor on it. For less than 3/4" I use the lathe - the 1" size is really too small for the circle cutters to be effective so I am not 100% happy with the results. If you look close some of the disks have some rough edges.