Sunday, January 17, 2010


Added the outtake manifold to the primary coolers.   Work included three additional gate valves, although these valves don't have the extended control arm - just a turn wheel on the valve itself.  I will need to construct a platform for access to these controls.   As pictured the manifold doesn't go anywhere - I will be adding piping between two of the valves that will split the 1/2" gas main into two 3/8" pipes, which will enter the by-products building.  The split was due to connecting to two separate exhausters in this building (they will not be modeled).  From the exhausters the gas would exit the building, back in a single 1/2" tube(modeled size) and then pass through two tar extractors.  I have started construction of these extractors using a styrene foundation and two of the larger sized tanks from the Walther's gas works model.  I used six tiers for each vessel.  Again the extractors are in multiple, redundant units, so one can be taken out of the loop for repair or service.   As stated earlier, the by-products plant will be a mix of old and new equipment - the coolers are circa 1920's, while the tar extractors and much of the other down-stream processing equipment was installed as part of a 1940's rebuild.    The extractors are basically electrostatic precipitators designed for the removal of tar from gas.   

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