Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I sat down at the workbench just as the three hour long movie, "The Watchmen", was starting.  By the final credits I had finished and mounted the remaining two intake gate valves for the primary coolers.   I also added some structural framing to the overhang in the front of the structure, in the form of .100 channel and .080 H-Column.  I then added the manifold piping onto the front of the gate valves - all 1/2" thin wall Evergreen tubing.  This tubing comes in optional larger packages than the standard Evergreen bags.  I think there are about three or so in the bag and they are around 18" long.   I don't use Plastruct transitions to create the tees, primarily because I don't have enough forethought to order them, and I don't have the patience to wait.  What I do is simply wrap 80 grit sandpaper around whatever object I am joining the pipes to - for the connection to the coolers I used a section of the cooler edge - from the gate valve to the manifold I just use a piece of 1/2" pipe.  It's not 100% clear- cut as you do need to use your eyes and a square to make sure you shape the piece right, but using the thin-wall tubing allows you to make adjustments with the minimum of effort.    I added some Tichy nbw castings to the end caps as well as a small plastic disk.   I finished with the construction of the segmented elbow, again using 1/2" pipe, cutting it with a razor saw in a custom jib.

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