Saturday, January 9, 2010


I spent a little time and modified one of the tanks from that old Kibri model I talked about in the previous post.   Basically, just broke it off its base, created a new one from .060 styrene; and added a new railing and ladder.   Nothing that complicated and should look pretty decent as part of the By-Products plant.   A few changes in techniques to note - This is actually one of the purposes of this blog - to show changes and improvements over the course of my steel mill modeling, which I've only really been doing in earnest for about a year and a half.    As many of you know I've  been having occasional plastic warpage problems.  One area that this would usually occur would be in circular railings, as on the top of this tank.  Basically the horizontal pieces would contract, causing the railings to lean in a bit.  Speaking with Vince Alterie on this at the last Steel Mill Modelers meet, he did two things differently than me - he used the Plastruct Orange bottle glue and he also pre-curled the railings.   I'm not sure which or both made the difference, but the railings at least are coming out much better.   I had thought it was necessary to use a styrene to styrene glue always with that material, but the Plastruct Orange works great.

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