Monday, January 4, 2010


A few more hours spent messing around with the primary coolers for the coke works by-products plant.    Added some Tichy platforms and railings, plus stairs and a base.  Also, cut out door and window openings.  The Tichy platforms are a departure from my usual .030 styrene walkways and homemade railings.  I have used them a few times elsewhere and can't really tell whether I like them better or not - they are more detailed for sure, but are open grate walkways appropriate for 1950's structures?     The typical by-products plant had a bunch of smaller tanks of varying sizes scattered about, holding tar, ammonia liquor, wash oil, gas,...etc.   I found an older Kibri model that my dad built for his layout that with a little cleaning and some modifications will make some nice small storage tanks.   It's nice to have this connection between layouts and generations. 

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