Sunday, November 29, 2009

S.S. VALHALLA Part - 1

I talked earlier this month about my poor judgement in using foam as a core for the A-furnace foundation.  In keeping with this, I tossed the foam core I was going to use to build the SS VALHALLA,  a freighter, in my port area.  Although I hadn't actually added any styrene to this I figured I would end up having the same issues so I built a new core out of layered MDF (medium density fiberboard)   MDF, is a bit harder to shape and cut than foam but I am happy with my results.   If you are wondering about the name of the ship - it's my hometown in New York.   I know, strange name for a town,  and coincidentally (or maybe not) the town is actually a necropolis as the dead outnumber the living by many many times.  The New York Central even offered a special funeral private car from New York City -  might make an interesting operational scenario for the Operations SIG.

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