Monday, November 9, 2009


In an earlier post I alluded to a future glass factory project based on the Walther's Electric furnace kit.   The prototype I am using was the Midland Glass facility just outside Matewan, NJ on the Central Railroad of New Jersey.  It was in operation until the mid 1990's when the cost of electricity and NAFTA led to it's closure.  It's primary product was glass bottles.   The facility is pretty large and I have no intention of modeling the entire thing, rather, I am building it as a larger backdrop type structure - I am only modeling a portion of the buildings that fronted the railroad tracks.  This is the interesting portion of the facility anyway and the rest is pretty much just huge boring warehouse type buildings.    The first step is to build two halves of the electric furnace building - I am not using the lower section or the trusses or columns.  Most of the later were used on the Electric Melt Shop anyway.  

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