Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Walther's October sales flyer had an offer that was too good to refuse - the electric furnace kit for about $30 off list price.  I probably should have bought five or more, but watching the budget I bought one.  The kit will never be built as intended - the parts will be broken up and used for two or three different purposes. -  1) Some of the columns, girder rails, and trusses will be used to extend my existing electric melt shop.  As is, it is too boxy looking, and the extra trusses will add some length too the structure.  I intend to leave the panels off this part of the building as Dean Freytag does on some of his structures where he as finished the interior.  2)  I will be using the wall and roof panels to build a model of the Midland Glass Company - a New Jersey glass bottle manufacturer (more on this in a future blog).   And 3)  I might build a second electric furnace.   The photo shows the melt shop with the extended truss sections.

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