Sunday, October 11, 2009


Not too much model railroading this weekend.  I've been playing around with some brass/bi-polar LEDs, and styrene to make a working searchlight type signal.  I have a workable model but I still need to improve the cosmetics a bit and streamline the building process.  They, of course, are available commercially, however, the three or so manufactures seem to have erratic supplies available and vary in detail, with the most expensive being also the best looking.   By making them myself I will be able to always supply them when needed and also probably save a few bucks.  I'll eventually dedicate a post or two to these signals.  

Besides the signals I finished up the Walther's tug.  Overall, a pretty easy model with good fitting parts.   The tug is going to be lettered and painted to represent a Lehigh Valley tug.  This fits with our overall theme - the coal dock in the port is a Lehigh Valley operation.   The paint scheme is relatively easy, however, the decals included in the kit are for either the Lehigh or the Bethlehem -  The Lehigh was used on the Harlem river so it has the lower pilot house and smoke stack, which I didn't model, and the Bethlehem I am not sure of as I can't find any pictures.   So the tug will probably be the Bethlehem.   I add some lighting to the kit - nav lights using red and green LEDs and I plan on also adding some general lighting below deck.

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