Thursday, October 8, 2009


The prototype meet last weekend got me thinking about railroad tugs.  I have always intended on modeling one in my harbor, but I wasn't sure what model I was going to use or even maybe scratchbuild one.   At the meet I was able to see a few of the Walther's tug close up and also hear some experts compare it to the prototype.   I was surprised that it is very prototypical.   The local train store had one on the shelves for the past few months - rereleased after a long spell dating to the late 90s.  I also noticed that the 2010 Walthers catalog doesn't list it at all, so I figured I better get it just in case.   Some things I like about the model that I hadn't realized about it - it is a waterline kit, so no crazy hacking away of half the hull - and it comes with an excellent sheet of decals covering pretty much every railroad that operated in New York harbor, along with a bunch from the midwest and west.  I haven't decided on the railroad that I will paint and decal it for - probably Lehigh Valley but maybe CNJ or NYC.    Started assembling it with the hull structure.  It went together well, although I needed to file down the lower deck piece a bit to get the second hull side piece to fit well.

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