Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This will be the last pipe foundry post for at least two weeks or so.  I want to get back to working on my blast furnaces and for once and for all finishing the pig caster.   The models survived their trip to North Carolina and back with only the loss of a ladder, easily repaired.   The module was more successful than I thought and was usually surrounded by one or two people taking photos, despite my disclaimers of it being very unfinished.  The last minute push just wasn't enough to finish what I wanted.   The cupola building still lacked many railings, stairs, ladders, and a few walkways.  The ductile baghouse was complete, but as with all the structures was only given a basic coat of paint for effect.  Railings were unpainted as were many of the details, and no weathering was done at all.  We may be displaying this module next month.  If this is the case we will try to finish things up and get some serious painting done.  
The funny thing at the event is that we were the only free-mo module to show up.  There are at least three other steel mill modules out there that have been to previous shows but unfortunately they didnt bring them, either because they didn't attend or because they flew.  Anticipating the standard we had borrowed a Digitrax throttle, however, also being Boy Scouts, we came prepared, bringing our spare Dynamis DCC system.  Jimmy used this to operate the layout fairly continuously while it was on display.   He also was able to run his two new locos right then and there.    Looking back at my pictures I didn't take any of the actual Cupola building, so I will have to do that in the next few days.   The other nice thing about photos is that all my modeling flaws jump out in the closeups, so I know where I need to make improvements.

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