Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Continued progress on the electric melt shop.  I added many of the handrails, stairs, and ladders.  Also, I fabricated some ventilators for the transformer vault from 3/8 square tubing.   I cut off the bottoms of the three electrodes and added some 5/32 round red translucent tubing.  When I paint the furnace I will feather in the paint on the electrodes to give a gradual transition from the hot to the cold (relatively speaking) end.   Turned on the Rite Aid LED candle assembly again and looks real nice with the tubing.   
Speaking of that, I returned to Rite Aid to pick up some additional LED assemblies - I found some tea candle sized lights that were a dollar a piece - they are a single large yellow/orange LED -  they throw out a decent amount of light and they use a calculator battery.  So, if you break the assembly down it will fit in a ladle or a hot metal car.  One problem - with the single LED the flickering effect is more noticeable and might not be that realist.  With the three LED set in the electric furnace you get a more subtle flickering as it is averaged over three bulbs.  

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