Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Worked a bit on some finishing touches on the quench locomotive - an operator, couplers, and window glass.    Then it was back to the melt shop.  (For those of you waiting, yes, I'll be back to work on the blast furnaces soon)    As I stated in an earlier blog, I am basically following Dean Freytag's Cyclopedia of Industrial Modeling suggestions on building a melt shop, with a few differences here and there.   Tonight I built the transformer vault.  I used the kit pieces for this construction - cutting the long wall down to six panels and the short walls to three panels - the rear wall was just .040 styrene with some reinforcements, and the roof is .060 styrene.  I cut out the deck for the transformer vault, as well as the base plate using .060 styrene.    
Next I fabricated the curved gear racks for the underside of the furnace platform.  These are from laminations of .060 styrene with a strips of large scale metal siding, cross-cut, forming the gears. The assemblies were glued to the bottom of the furnace platform and bracing was added. 

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