Sunday, September 20, 2009


FIRE  -  I installed the three LED unit and circuit board that I took out of a "Harvest" candle that RiteAid has on sale for 50% off or $4.  The LEDs glow a nice orange-yellow and the circuit makes them flicker slightly and irregularly - it looks like something is going on instead of a constant glow.  I will definitely be picking up a bunch more of these units this week - the price is excellent.  I installed the LED and the circuit board on the back interior side of the electric melt vessel using hot glue.  After it was installed I poked a hole in a piece of aluminum foil for the LEDs and just pressed the foil into the inside of the vessel, cutting out the pour hole and using a little hot glue to secure things.  I cut the wires from the switch and the battery pack (the switch selects off-dim and full - I just need full so I trashed the dim wire too.)  The two remaining wires were routed through the back of the vessel where they won't be seen.   

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