Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have a small piece of real estate just behind blast furnace row for an electric melt shop.  As this is the 50's the melt shop is primarily for manufacturing speciality steel/alloys.   I will be kitbashing this facility from the Walther's Electric Furnace kit.   I'd hoped to have the room to use two of these kits but together but I will have to settle for just one - it is against a backdrop so theoretically it might just represent the end of the shop building.   To build the interior of the structure I am using Dean Freytag's book, The Cyclopedia of Industrial Modeling and historical photos. There will be a small exterior scrapyard with a craneway.  I will also be using a number of Brandon Wehe's Scrap buckets for charging the furnace.    I looking at adding lighting to this structure I came across LED candles at RiteAid - on sale 50% off  - final price $4 each.  Once you break the candle part off you are left with a battery pack, a small circuit board, and a three LED bundle.  The LEDs are yellow/orange and they flicker.   I intend to fit the LEDs into the furnace.  

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