Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I Started some basic construction and planing on these.  Once again using Rix Water Tank pieces.  In the case of these units, the 24' diameter scales out perfectly.   There are two precipitators, each one needs to be 3 Rix pieces high, but one of each size.  I need to pick up a few more tank kits, specifically the 60 footers as they are the only ones with the larger sized plates.  
A precipitator is used as the final step in cleaning the used blast furnace gas.  It uses electrostatic to extract the fine particles of dust from the gas.   I am once again modeling the units found at Bethlehem Steel.   They were located behind A-Furnace - I will be placing them at the exact prototype location.   At Bethlehem, A and B furnace shared these precipitators - this makes for some interesting piping arrangements.    According to the drawings, other furnaces could also use these units, although I'm not sure how many (Bethlehem had five furnaces in the 1950's.   You can see the precipitators in the black and white photo just to the left of the stone building.  

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