Sunday, May 31, 2009


Over the weekend I worked on two elements still needed on the pig casting machine.  I started building the crane.  This is only partially necessary -  the prototype was located next to a blast furnace cast house and used large ladles to collect the hot iron and then the crane lifted and tilted the ladles.  My pig caster is receiving hot iron in bottle or ladle cars and thus technically there is nothing to lift, other than to maybe tilt a ladle.  Never the less I am still modeling the full crane, slightly modifying it for the ladle cars I am using.     The prototype drawings show limited details when it comes to the crane, so some of my modeling is freelanced in terms of exact layout,...etc.  

The crane frame was built using modified 1/4" I beams and 3/16" channel.  The wheels were made from sandwiches of punched circles with a brass axle.  Drivetrains and motors were made and installed in what I think are logical locations.  The main hoist sheaves are 43" grandt line parts.  

The other structure I worked on is a small brick building that will serve as an office, storeroom, pump house and winch house for the pig casting machine.   It was built using DPM modular components.

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