Friday, May 8, 2009


On and on with this structure.  Just a lot of production line modeling.  A few photos so you can see some of the process.
1.  Cut .040 styrene into large pieces - some for the large sides and some for the inner sides.  I use a NWSL Duplicutter for this.
2.  Using a template, trace out the large sides.  
3.  Cut and piece in the inner sides - 5 pieces total
4.  Use a strip of 1/8" (.125) to draw the set back lines on the large sides, outside edge.
5.  Glue up hopper assembly.
6.  Glue two hopper assemblies back to back
7.  Build large I-beam from a scale 39' long strip of .040 styrene - I use a General HO Ruler as the width.  Apply .030x.188 strip plastic to create the flanges
8.  Glue the beam to the side of the hopper/bin assembly
9.  Cut two legs from 3/16 H Column - install one at back edge and one set back 1.25 inches.  Cut a square piece of .060 plastic as the pad for the front leg (.250x.250) and then a strip of .250 for the rear.
You will notice if you have a set of these plans that I am taking a liberty and reversing the high-line assembly so that the side with the set back legs and interesting detail is up against the stoves and furnace.

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Rick said...

Jim: have been following and admiring your work; I live in Moorestown and model a ficticous intergreated mill in Harrisburg, PA....e-mail me if you'd like at and I'll send a link or two...