Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The four stove burners are complete.  Next I have to build the gas control valves that are just above the burners and then I can finish all the gas piping.  
I continue to add sections to the stoves.  I need to hit about 100 scale feet to finish.  It's a slower process than the other models where I have used the Rix sections.    Wish I had more to show at this point but I spent a good part of the weekend cleaning up down in the basement.  I was getting to the point were there were just piles everywhere.  I was able to get about twenty boxes of my wife's craft stuff out of there and up to her third floor studio.  In the process I gained a third workbench, which was sorely needed.   On the new workbench I set up linear storage bins for all the plastic components that I work with.   I also pulled a bunch of boxes that I was storing for my mom and brought them back to her house.  Once I remove the remainder of those I will be able to start building the benchwork for the final 4'x14' layout section.  It is to be the main yard and either a city terminal or I might let steel creep into this section as I have no room for my open hearths anywhere.  In either case it will have a yard.  

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