Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just a quick update on the pig caster as it is late.  
I've done some more work on what I call the upper building.  I removed the heavy diagonal braces I put in originally - they just didn't look right.  They did square up the legs but instead I'll glue the finished model in place and that should keep everything square.   I am only loosely following Mike Rabbit's plans for the upper building as my trackwork is different than that of the caster in his drawings so I had to make the building longer, to bridge both tracks.  I did had some new angles as diagonal bracing.  Using .060 square stock and .100 channel I've built the framing for the roof over the conveyor section.  So far so good, except for constantly running out of Evergreen materials.   The angle formed by the roof over the conveyor simply extends above the upper building forming the same angled roof.   
You can also see that I've added the spout for pouring the hot iron - made of styrene and brick sheet scraps.  And I've framed and sheathed the roof over the conveyor in the lower building.    Getting close with this structure - I still need to:
Finish the upper building, stairs,..etc.
Finish the conveyor belt - details, roof, railings
Install the lime spray box
Control booth for lower building
Crane for lower building.
Paint and weather

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