Sunday, April 12, 2009


The stove tops vac-formed in the previous blog were attached to the top of the Rix water tank stove bodies.  For the most part they fit well but a little filler and sanding was needed to smooth the transition.   The shape looked very close to the prototype, however, they were of course, too smooth looking, lacking in rivet detail.   Some people have taken to scribing lines in the tops to represent panel lines, however, I thought rivets were needed given all the rivet detail on the stove bodies.  I thought of using Tichy individual rivets, but that would have taken many many hours.  Instead I used strips of styrene, .010x.080 with rivets embossed with a pounce wheel to represent the riveted panel seams.  It is not perfect, but I like the overall look of it.  The grey primer was to check the look of the rivet strips.  
You will also notice that I sided the elevator using Evergreen corrugated siding - .040 thick with .040 spacing.  You will see me go through a lot of this material in the coming months.  Unfortunately for me it isn't cheap - about $5 for a small single sheet.  The elevator, which is a smaller structure used two and a half sheets.    I still
 need to add - four doors for the elevator - the door at the base, doors at both of the stove upper walkways, and a maintenance door near the top of the shaft.  I am waiting on these until I get all the walkway heights set.  Oh - I attached the sheets of corrugated material with Walthers Goo and then used liquid solvent glue to adhere the corners to each other, incase the Goo ever were to fail.   I also scribed horizontal panel lines about every 10'.  Since a full sheet of corrugated material wasn't enough to do one side in one piece, I made sure to line up the seams, and start measuring for the scribed lines from that.  

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