Wednesday, April 8, 2009


All the details for the stove foundation have been worked out pretty much to my satisfaction.  The base is constructed of 3/4" MDF which I sealed with shellac.   The height of this scales out to about what I can guestimate from the pictures - I counted the steps going up to this level.  This of course will be painted to represent a concrete foundation.  In looking at stove configurations at different furnaces it appears that two pass stoves are almost always on a raised foundation as they have flues underneath connecting to a central stack.   You can see from the picture the basic layout - from left to right - two stoves close together, the stack, another stove, the skip hoist (not shown), a smaller stove (not sure why this stove is shorter than the others, but it adds some interest to the scene) and finally the elevator.  I also used MDF for the core of the elevator.  I placed the mold for the stove tops on one stove to see how it looks.  In comparing it with the photos I think I will have to re-turn this or make a new one as the shape needs to be changed slightly.  I'm excited to get going on this assembly so look for more on this in the near future.  
It's the four eyed blast furnace.  I was in a Michaels and I remembere
d someone talking about using teddy bear eyes in modeling.  Lately I've been trying to find materials in unconventional places.  The last picture shows what $6 will get you - a bunch of teddy bear eyes and woodend disks in all sorts of assorted sizes.   

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