Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TRACK PLAN Part 1 - Lower Works

While I work out my styrene issues on the pig caster I took a break and finally put together a primitive track plan of The Lower Works.    I apologize in advance for the poor quality, but I have no drawing program that I have mastered enough to accomplish a decent result in a short time.  

The red lines are tracks in the mill, the blue lines represent the mainline, which just briefly pass through the mill.  As I have said before I have a small basement so this should serve to show what can be done in a small space - Most of the track shown, other than the high-line is installed.  Most of the buildings are either under construction or in the planning phase.  This is just a portion of the layout - in addition to the main snaking around the main room in the basement, I also have a small port section, a long narrow section with the coke works and later, some non-steel industry.  A third addition,  3'x14' has yet to be started.  Originally this was supposed to be a large yard with a passenger terminal and city.   I am going back and forth on this right now as to whether to just add some steel mill structures -either partially or entirely.  At the minimum, an EAF (electric arc furnace) will be located there.  

Back to the Lower Works - As of now the following structures are under construction or planned - 
  • Blast Furnace A - Replica of Bethlehem Steel A-Furnace - Scratchbuilt - under construction
  • Blast Furnace B - Semi-replica of USS Duquesne #3 Furnace (also will produce ferro-manganese - Scratchbuilt - under construction
  • Pig Casting Machine - Single Strand - Scratchbuilt - under construction
  • Ore Yard - Modified Walther bridge crane - under construction
  •  Rolling Mill - Walthers Kit with Pravik Resin castings and scratchbuilt rolling mill interior details
  • Heat Treatment #3 - Replica of Beth Steel Heat Treatment #3 (the High House or Gun Shop) - Scratchbuilt - planning phase
  • Blowing Engine House - waiting for new walther's kit to evaluate - maybe scratchbuild
  • Boiler House - either kitbash or using modular sections
  • Other structures - the will be numerous other small structures.

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