Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I made my mind up to go for broke on the pig casting machine - after heating and reclamping and then glueing on braces and the legs of the mold belt, I figured I might as well mount it to the lower building as the foundation construction, made out of .080 styrene was going to go a long way in bracing about half the belt.  With all this done, the belt is pretty straight, the only problem being the upper 25% - I might have to weight down the upper structure or glue it down to get this slight warpage out.   It's late and I'm tired so pictures will suffice for the results.  If you look real close you will see that I'm putting a small disk punched from .020 styrene at the joint between every two molds.  It's a bit tedious - have about half done.

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mike said...

VERY NICE WORK! Working to make me one now but no dice..would like to see if u have pland for one?