Sunday, March 22, 2009


Work continues on the mold conveyor belt section of my pig casting machine.  It has been extremely tedious work, building each idler wheel assembly and each pig mold.  I also have been having problems with the styrene warping.  Most of the basic framework was relatively flat after being built, however, after I glued on the separately assembled pig mold belt, the entire assembly curved badly - to the point I am worried about getting it all flat ultimately when I assemble the return belt section to the upper belt section.  If anyone has experienced this and dealt with it successfully I would like to hear all suggestions.  I might be hoping for too much that the assembly will square itself upon final glue up.   The picture shows the upper belt assembly - rear on an angle, and the return belt assembly, flat and weighted down by glue bottles and other things.  The pig molds are made from 1/8" Plastruct deep channels with .030x.100 sides - I will go back later and add small round punch outs at the joint between every two molds.

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