Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A little more work on the hot iron end of the pig casting machine.  I've added some additional diagonal bracing, mostly .080 or .060 Evergreen angle, the crane rails, and some of the corrugated roofing/siding.  I intend on leaving the one wall of the building without siding  so the interior of the structure is visible.   I still have some diagonal bracing above the crane rail to do and also the framing for the structure enclosing the actual pig machine.  

My son Jimmy turns 15 tomorrow (actually today, it's past midnight) and I have been working on a present for him the past few nights so the steel mill structures were put on hold a bit.  Besides model railroading, one of his other hobbies is wargaming.  Specifically he plays a game called Warhammer 40,000.  It is science fiction themed wargame that uses 25mm scale miniatures (that is the equivalent of S-Scale).   There are hundreds of commercially available miniatures for building your army - all either in plastic or metal, and all unpainted.  Besides playing the game it takes a lot of time to build and paint your army.  Jimmy plays with an Ork Army.  The Orks are large ugly green creatures that rely on numbers and brute strength.  They are not very intelligent and thus have no technology of their own, but are masters at taking captured machines and other junk and turning them into weapons.  The results are usually not very sleek machines.  This model I build for him is of an Ork Dreadnaught - basically a large armored fighting suit.  I didn't use any plans to build this but just based it on some pictures I'd seen and free lanced things.  Ork machines don't come off an assembly line so there is really no standard, which makes things fun and easy.  It's mostly made of .060 and.040 styrene with some Evergreen structural shapes.  The only commercial parts are two pieces from the Walther's industrial tank kit.  It was a lot of fun to build and a nice break from building things off plans.  I'm giving it to him unpainted - he will finish it and I'll post another picture.  


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