Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've made a little bit of progress on the pig casting machine.   The machine is based on a prototype machine from Chester, PA, although I am making a few minor changes.  I am using plans that I purchased from Mike Rabbit.    Although its a relatively small and simple structure, the framing is taking a bit of time - the main support posts are 5/16 Evergreen I-Beams that have been modified for the crane on the one end.  There are also an additional 4 styrene strips per piece.   The crane beam is also made out of 5/16 Evergreen material.  The roof trusses are made from .060 and .080 angles with .020 gusset plates - there are 21 individual pieces in each truss.  

 The next step is to finish this structure - I still need to: finish the post supports,  add more diagonal bracing, add crane rails, wires, and bumpers, build a control booth, build the well for the actually casting machine, and install siding on the building.

Also left is the entire upper structure, the crane, and the casting machine.  

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