Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The coke works that will supply fuel to my furnaces is located on an older section of the layout.  Because of space constraints it will only be partially modeled.  I'm using a kitbashed New River Mining kit as the basis for the coal/coke crusing/prep building, a Walther's Gas Works for the coke ovens, a Vulcan Manufacturing kit for the Ammonia Sulfate/byproducts building, and a Walther's gas holder kit.  Most are modeled and are awaiting paint.   I am also scratchbuilding a number of details.   

The first photo shows my guide car, built out of styrene per plans and instructions published in Model Railroader Magazine as part of an article by Dean Freytag.   I am only modeling the one side of the coke ovens where the coke comes out - so I will need to build the guide car, a door car, a quench car, and the larry car for the top of the ovens.  I do not need to build the pusher as it won't be visible anyway.   I thought maybe Walthers would issue the quench car that is part of the new coke works kit separately, but it doesn't appear at this time that will happen so I plan on building it on a flat car body, again per Dean Freytag's article.  

The other photo shows the ammonium sulphate building which would have been part of any by-products recovery at the prototype.  I am lighting the interiors of most of my buildings so I wanted some interior  details.  As they are only going to be barely visible - nothing perfect, just representative of the overall flavor of what would be going on inside.  In this case I used parts from an old Vollmer Oil Refinery kit.

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