Sunday, March 29, 2009


Once again work is progressing faster on B-Furnace than A.  I took a break from the pig casting machine problems and did just a little work on B-Furnace.   Started to build the stairs in the top works.  I've decided to build most of the railings throughout both structures from scratch after seeing Jeff Borne's DVD "Superdetailing a Walthers Blast Furnace Part 2"  - I skipped part 1 and went straight to part 2 as it had more things that interested me.  At first I thought this might be difficult, but a pair of tweezers and some glue and a steady hand make it relatively simple.  It's actually fairly relaxing.   I've also decided to use the mostly built A-Furnace stoves for B-Furnace instead.  I'll talk more about the reasons for this in the following A-Furnace blog.  The picture shows them in temporary place next to the furnace.  I will need to fabricate a foundation for them.

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