Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm entitling this section research.  I try to keep a camera in my truck and photograph prototypes that will help with my modeling.   Before digital photography I used to be pretty conservative with what I wasted film on - now with digital images I try to take as much as I can, although I find myself in old habits and have to actively try to remember just to take everything.  
At last Septembers Steel Mill Modelers Meet there were two presentations related to detailing steel mills - one by E. Craig called "Figures & Period Detailing Ideas", and the other by John Best, "Steel Mill Details".  Both were excellent and sort of opened my eyes to the importance of detailing structures in order to add that layer of realism.  So in addition to photographing the distillation tower, or coal unloader, or blast furnaces,...etc.  I also photograph the electrical substation, the bridge carrying piping across the road, the roof ventilators,...etc.   
The plan for "RESEARCH" themed blogs is to just post a picture or two or three and brief comments.  It will also allow me to keep blogging on a regular basis, even when I don't have time to write about a more complicated modeling theme.  Feel free to copy and use the photos however need to augment your  modeling.   
PART 1 - Just took a drive up to northern New Jersey and shot some pictures along the shore of the Arthur Kill between Port Reading in the south and into Newark Bay and onto the Passaic River in Newark.  This is the heart of the New Jersey petrochemical industry, but also home to many other manufacturers.  This is the image that many people have of  New Jersey.  

Top Left - Hess Oil Refinery , Woodbridge, NJ
Top Right - Singer Sewing Machine Factory, Elizabeth, NJ - Subdivided and used by many different tenants today.  This building is huge and was only one part of the complex that made this famous sewing machine.  Just behind this structure were the Central Railroad of New Jersey's shops and a large yard.  Today there is a small intermodal yard and the "Largest Outlet Mall" in the state.  If you are a railfan, the mall parking lot runs right along the yard offering excellent and legal places to photograph from, -  wife might like the mall.
Upper Right - Unknown, Linden, NJ - interesting looking structure with both rail and water materials transport facilities.  Used by a few different warehousing companies now.

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